CS Preferences

Calendar dating plans
The 2019/20 (Current) dating plan
The 2019/20 Equalization dating plan
The 2019/20 Sundays dating plan
The 2019/20 April 1st dating plan
The 1918/19 dating plan
The 1912/13 dating plan
Choose among the various dating plans available. Learn more about dating plans on the About page!
Rudolf Steiner photos
Display a randomly chosen, edited copy of a photograph of Rudolf Steiner's.
Rudolf Steiner handwriting
Display an edited copy of Rudolf Steiner's original handwritten outlines of the verses.
Laura Summer artwork
Display Laura summer's beautiful '52 Weeks' artwork along with the verses.
Display randomly chosen paraphrased affirmations based on quotes of Rudolf Steiner below the verses.
Display randomly chosen quotes by Rudolf Steiner below the verses.
The Twelve Moods of the Zodiac
Rudolf Steiner (Deutsch)
Harald Falck-Ytter (English)
Anne Marie Lundström (Svenska)
Pierre Paccoud (Français)
Nora Rodriguez Galindez (Español)
Display the Twelve Moods of the Zodiac by Rudolf Steiner (German original or above translations) below the verses.
The Twelve Monthly Virtues
Display the Twelve Virtues by Rudolf Steiner (German original or above translations) below the verses.
Exercise sections on display
Constitutional exercises
Colorize with weekday colors
Always display all 7 exercises
Today's exercise reminder on all 7
Display Rudolf Steiner's seven exercises for the soul, distributed as daily one-line meditations for use throughout the weeks, one day each beginning with Monday.
The Retrospective Exercise
Display Rudolf Steiner's Retrospective Exercise.
Layout alternatives
 Color sets (Current: )
Use below Preset Layouts instead!
Pick one of the predefined color sets in the palette above or choose a Preset Layout below. The presets contain their own color settings.
Preset Layouts
Silver layout (default)
Gold layout
Choose between default Silver and secondary Gold Preset Layouts, both containing the original CS Rudolf Steiner wallpaper.
Drop caps
Begins every verse with a drop cap instead of a regular character.
 Font sizes
Small (14px)
Medium (15px)
Large (16px)
Extra large (17px)
Font resizing will affect font in verses and additional sections.
HighLight buttons
When tapped/clicked upon, highlights Today as well as Oppo and Corr toggle buttons as a visual reminder when Preset Layouts are used.
Translation first
Display the translated verse on top of the original instead of the other way round.
Adjust the calendar window. Expand, contract, move up, move left or move right to fit device screen.
 Left/right verse click area (default)
Initial left and right click navigation on verse area.
Left/right swipe area
Activates left and right swipe area on verse section (for touch screens only) and disables left and right click area. Scrolling as well as Pinch & Spread (zooming in and out) will then be disabled on verse section and scrolling will be limited to right and left peripheral sides.
Additional Swipe up/down
Activates additional up and down swipe capability to make panel visible (swipe up) and invisible (swipe down). This will only be active if left/right swipe area above is checked. Scrolling will still be limited to right and left peripheral sides. Leave unchecked if not sure what this is about.
Click and swipe areas (Visibility Demo).
Colouring of clickable and swipeable areas for visibility orientation purposes, to demonstrate clickable and swipeable areas affected on screen depending on settings above.
Panel settings
Floating (Sticky) Panel
The panel will be "floating", pinned to the bottom of the screen when ckecked, unpinned when unchecked. This can also be set directly on the panel using the panels Pin/UnPin functionality on the right hand side.
Visible panel
The panel will be visible when ckecked, invisible when unchecked. This can also be set directly on the panel tapping/clicking the dashed/undashed Eye symbol on the right hand side as well as the swipe up/down functionality (when activated). Leave checked if not sure what this is about.
Additional information
Learn more about The Calendar of the Soul Online in this extensive manual.
Search, find and display your or somebody else's BirthVerse according to chosen dating plan (when current).
Overview of all Cookies stored by The Calendar of the Soul Online (prefix: "cotso") and retrieved whenever needed by the Web App system. If using other services provided by The Calendar of the Soul Online, there may be cookies with another prefix than "cotso".
Overview of all Easter dates between the year of the first Calendar of the Soul (1912/13) and the year of 2099.
Find words and expressions in calendar verses.
Display the German original verse along with all available translations on one single screen. Computer screen recommended.
The Calendar of the Soul with a layout similar to frequently used booklet layouts of The Calendar of the Soul. Computer screen recommended.
Old Android mobile version (latest). Also suitable for iPhone.
Old iPhone mobile version (latest). Also suitable for Android.
If you decide to reset The Calendar of the Soul to its default values without further warning, then push the button!