Week 2
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Version 2019.RS contains 23 translations following the 2019/2020 dating plan.
B Woche 2 nach Ostern
I ns Äussre des Sinnesalls
Verliert Gedankenmacht ihr Eigensein;
Es finden Geisteswelten
Den Menschensprossen wieder
Der seinen Keim in ihnen,
Doch seine Seelenfrucht
In sich muss finden.
Rudolf Steiner
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By meditating, I perform the only completely free activity there is in human life.
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What we call 'space' at the present time is nothing but fantasy - it too is a 'symbol'. There is no space as such; spiritual forces are working from all directions. This is a difficult concept to grasp but the reality of certain facts can be felt instinctively. On the morning of 21st March the Sun rises approximately in front of the constellation of Pisces, but this is simply the indication that particular spiritual forces (or Beings, to be more exact) are exercising a definite influence upon the Earth at that time. When we feel how this sign (the Sun in the constellation of Pisces) should be interpreted, we can translate it into terms of imaginative knowledge and speak of its inner significance.
Rudolf Steiner Quotes
© 2019 The Calendar of the Soul Online
Version 2019.RS contains 23 translations following the 2019/2020 dating plan.
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